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*** NOTICES ***

Please check out the "VETERANS HEALTH" page.
Some new information on Mesothelioma, Agent Orange and more. This page will be updated often to reflect the information we find or receive.
The Start of "Operation Protect Veterans"
From the USVCP (reprinted)
According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Americans lost almost $1 billion to scam artists last year (2108).  And, veterans were the group hit the hardest, with veterans losing almost twice as much as the general public. AARP research found that 16% of veterans lost money to scammers in 2018. Why did that happen?  How did it happen? Research by AARP suggests that veterans will normally trust another person who contacts them and claims to be a veteran. In addition many veterans are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which makes them more vulnerable to the emotional manipulation used by professional scam artists.

What are the scam artists’ primary techniques when approaching veterans?  Here are the most common scams used against veterans. Follow the links in this and the above paragraphs.

NEW FEATURE - A Slideshow!
On this home page, a slideshow that will change with the times. Look here

The 2019 Reunion will be Connecticut  - June 27 - 30, 2019

Watch George and Mona dancing to "Moon River"

NEW - Photos (Slideshow or Album) of the West PAC Cruise

David Decker -68-72/STG3 (11.12.2018) - Robert Crowick - 60-62/IC3 (12/7/2011)

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HPRA NEWSLETTERS   The next Newsletter will be MARCH 20, 2019

2018 Reunion - SAVANNAH GA. 9/10-13/2018...
Our Savannah reunion is complete and another sucess. As usual, George B. did a fine job.
We are waiting on your photos, so it is time to get them in.
(A process that is Always In Progress)...
PHOTO ALBUM's and SLIDESHOWS are available on the
[Links to]"PIX GALLERY" PAGE and the SlideShow & Albums page.
If you do not see them, check back often. The process is in progress. Here are some...

Savannah, Boneventure Cemetery and 8th Air Force Museum

Savannah Dinner
 (fill in the names - use the "number" associated with the slide)

NOTE: The albums and slideshows are hosted by the GoDaddy Photo Albums system. The slideshows do not display  titles or captions; the album versions do. These special slideshows, like the one above, are hosted by Microsoft Sway.

 (From DD709 shipmates - submit your own)
A Ride on a Nuclear Submarine by Bob Mead (62-64)
Cuban Adventure by Bob Mead (62-64)
Tin Can Sailorman A poem from Tim Brady (68-69)
The SS Warrimoo from Dennis Dow  (65-70)
The Fate of the USS Harwood by Butch Guzejko (66-68)
My Shipmate - "Chico" by George Beal (50-52)
1962 Americas Cup Races by Bob Mead (62-64)
Portholes by David Barter (52-55)
Shadowing a Russian Helicopter Carrier by Wayne D.
The Hugh Pervert by Hugh Tulloch via Dennis Dow



All links on the various pages have been checked as of 8/15/2018 for proper connectivity. Broken links have been repaired, or removed if no longer available. If you find a broken link, let us know.

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