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                       "ACTIVE" members via email from the HPRA president (email Link).

HPRA NEWSLETTERS   The next Newsletter will be in JANUARY - 2020

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The 2020 reunion is in Boston June 10-13. We will stay at the
4 Points Sheraton in Revere.
This link will take you to the reservation site for your hotel reservations. As usual you get the rate fot 3 days before and after. More information is on the 2020 Reunion page, including the hotal phone number.

Registration forms and Golf Shirt/Hat information are available NOW from the reunion page.

 James F. Manning (50-54 - BT3)

   James Manning, serving aboard from 1950 to 1954, a BT3, passed away 2 September 2019 at the age of 86. and is survived by his wife Diane.

     James, along with Dennis Dow, was the founder of the Hugh Purvis Reunion Association, in 1991. He was living in East Hartford Ct. at the time of his passing. For more on James, please see this link to his obituary - [Link To:]

HUGH PURVIS DD709 1968-69

(provided by Dennis Dow)

     This note is the description of a period covering 1 Jan. 1968 through 1969 for the USS Hugh Purvis DD709. It covers the Boston Yard period for its regular overhall, dockside machinery trials and other operability tests. It moves on the the 1969 West Pac Cruise and Vietnam. Read the full narrative here...
1968-69 Basic Narrative

     A thorough review of disability examinations are often requested by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to check the severity of service-connected disabilities.  VA regulations point out specific timelines for “examination checks,” but, it is not a hard and fast rule, and, oftentimes, ignored by VA personnel.  But, rest assured, it will happen at some point.

     By law, VA should and will request a review exam under the following circumstances...   
Link to "USVCP" Article

*** NOTICE ***
    The large SlideShows for Reunions have been moved from the home page to their own pages. The "SS" for the most recent reunion has a "small" version in the "HPRA" column on the left of this page under the HPRA section. Below the SS are links to other versions.

See this for more on Sway...

    At any point in time, there are those that will attempt to "fool" you and try to get ahold of your personal information in an attempt to take your hard earned money. It is up tou tou to not fall for these attempts.

These are some of the most common ones active today...
  • SSI (Social Security) phone calls
  • Your Bank
  • Your Grandson stuck in "anyplace"
  • The V.A.
  •  And many others of this type

    These examples will all try to convince you that something is wrong, They all try to get you to reveal personal information about accounts or your computer access. Some may require an "up front" fee to help fix your problems. Do not fall for any of this.

     If any really need to contact you is will be via regular mail, ofter registered mail. If any ask for you to verify account numbers, hang up. If it's through EMAIL, delete it - do not click on any links within a message. A real institution will already have your personal information and will not ask you to verify it by having you actually say it or email it.

Be safe.

     The latest scam offers "FREE GENETIC TESTING" and says "Medicare will cover it." This is untrue. It is an attempt to get your Social Security and new Medicare numbers for fraudulent purposes. Please do not fall for this. Medicare does NOT cover genetic testing. Stay away from this one.

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After a period of time, the item will move to an appropriate page. This presented on 7/26/2019)
( Always In progress - Stay Tuned)

“Let the wind”
(Found on Facebook - author unknown)

Let the wind come off the seas,
In a gentle ocean breeze,
Let the wind come through the trees,
A taste of salt up on the breeze.
Let me feel one more time,
Ocean air upon the brine,
Let me feel beneath my feet,
The roll of the sea as we find a seat,
Upon the waters deep and blue,
Let it once more please come true.

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