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HUGH PURVIS DD709 1968-69 - "A Basic Narrative" (provided by Dennis Dow)
This note is the discription of the period covering 1 Jan. 1968 through 1969 for the USS Hugh Purvis DD709. It covers the Boston Yard period for its regular overhall, dockside machinery trials and othr operability tests. It moves on the the 1969 West Pac Cruise and Vietnam. Read the full narrative here... [1968-69 Basic Narrative]

More changes at the VA. Check out this link from USVCP for more information

VA Priority Groups Explained
Did you know that once a veteran applies for enrollment, their eligibility will be verified by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)?  Based on the veteran's specific eligibility status, he/she will be assigned a Priority Group.  The Priority Groups range from one to eight, with one being the highest priority. Select the above link to the USVCP for the full artical.

Covert Rule Denies Benefits to Veterans
(From the USVCP) As an Honorably discharged veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces, you’ve earned the right for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to pay for most of your medical care if needed. It’s part of the contract for joining the military and risking your life on a daily basis.  Either in constant training or on the battle field, you lived a life on the edge for your entire military experience.  Some of those experiences led to injury, and a life time of physical and mental ailments, resulting in some veterans seeking help from the VA.  Too often, the help is denied, and here’s why that happens... Covert Rule...

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2019 Reunion - Hartford/Windsor CT 
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Do you miss it?
The salt spray on your face
Do you miss it?
Sailing off to some new place.

Do you miss it?
The deck heaving beneath your feet
Do you miss it?
The sea rocking you to sleep.

Remember when those guns swung round
As GQ rang so loud
Remember how those deck plates shook
As your ship came swinging round

Do you miss it?
As we headed towards the beach
Do you miss it?
When the guns began to speak

Do you miss it?
As the shells began to fly
Do you miss it?
The thought that you might die

Remember the call for all flank speed
As the skipper screamed for turns
Remember the smell of hot, live, steam
Trying hard not to get burned

Do you miss it?
The smell of cordite in your skin
Do you miss it?
The faces of shipmates, their trust so dearly earned

Do you miss it?
When you came through it all OK
Do you miss it?
Knowing lives were saved that day

Remember trying to play it cool
Your feelings you tried hard to hide
Remember writing to your folks
Saying it was really nothing but a pleasure ride

Do you miss it?
Standing proud in your dress blues
Do you miss it?
Sometimes, you know, I do

___________________Tim Brady RD3

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