THE IRS IS CALLING! - No - They Are Not!

    You get a phone call. The voice on the other end tells you "This is (someone from the IRS) and the IRS has filled a law suit against you for failing to pay your taxes" or some similar message. Another version indicates an arrest warrant has been issued for you and the federal marshals service is coming.

    Of course, this is a scam, and way to many fall for. They usually give you an option of "paying up" by sending what you (don't) owe via a bank transfer, Western Union or other methods. It is estimated that millions are lost to scammers annually. Do not fall for this.

    The IRS does not operate this way. They will not call and demand money, they will not send an email. Real contact from the IRS is done by mail, regular or registered, spelling out what the problem may be and what you have to do to resolve it. At this point you need to do...
  • Do not send any money.
  • If you have a financial adviser, call them.
  • Get the phone number if your local IRS office and call them directly. Do not use the number on any paperwork you received - if the mail is fake, so is the number.
    PLEASE - do not fall for this. It can ruin your finances. (The writer of this note has received these calls several times a year for the last 5 years). These types of scams usually start just after tax filing time and go on for three to six months afterwards.

    BE SAFE!