SCAM - Fake Tech Phone Calls

    Along with the general problems of scams, spam and other annoying emails, the user must also be very careful of phone calls; those purported to be from companies such as banks you do business with or credit card companies.  An important one that has been happening more and more are so-called calls from "Microsoft Support" and "Apple Support" saying they have seen, or have had reported to them, that your PC is causing a problem.  They will tell you that "your" PC has been sending out spam emails and they will fix the problems on your PC that is causing it. They will tell you they need to have access to your PC to facilitate repairs. It is a scam. Companies like Microsoft, banks etc, do not make out-of-the-blue calls of these types.

Never allow any of these of callers to gain remote access to your PC!

This is a scam, a fishing expedition, to allow the caller to get access to your personal information; bank accounts, passwords etc. If you receive such a call, the best thing is to just hang up. If called back, tell them you will have your own technician have a look and fix any problems. If they are really insistent, ask for a call back number. Most likely they will not give one or give one that is non existent. I have told them I was reporting the call to the FBI. They will go away.

    If you have received such a call, and have allowed access, you have some work to do. First, you need to change ALL passwords, those of your PC(s), on line accounts such as banks and credit card companies etc. After changing the PC password, restart your machine and log in with the new password. If you don't use a PC password, think about doing so. Next, you need to run an Anti Virus Scan using what ever  A/V program you use. If you do not have one, get one and install it. It is important!. (For more on this see the link in the in the article table of the previous page; "ANTI-VIRUS SOFTWARE". Some are free while others have an annual subscription fee. The free ones listed are very good.) Also, go to the PC Control Panel and make sure the firewall is enabled. This is similar with the MAC.