Webmaster Email  Form Help

Use this form to send email to the HPRA webmaster. The form has a mandatory security feature at the bottom of the form. Also, for security purposes, the actual email address will not be displayed.

Rules to use this form...

1. All fields must have something in them except the "send ... files" which are optional/
2. The "Email" address field must be in the form of a proper address - ie;


3. A mandatory Security code near the bottom, is just above the "Send" button. You see a funny looking code in a box.

This must be typed in the field just below it just as you see it, characters only, and case does not
matter. This method helps prevent spammers mail robots from sending a lot of junk. If you
type the correct code, mail goes (if the other rules are met). If you type it incorrectly, a new
page will direct you back to the form.

If this happens, select "Back" then "Reload Image" and try again.

When you are done, a page will display that your message was sent and will close in 3 seconds. If it does not close, close it manually.


At the top of the message block is a grey band with some formatting buttons. Use them if you want to pretty things up.
  • B = Bold
  • I = Italic
  • U = Underline
  • The next three is for justification - Left, Center and Right